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Comics update every saturday, i think. Events take place after steven universe the movie).

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Medi bang paint/ favorite fusions:

Steven universe fusion drawings. I added some missing details and fixed the outline weird clumps. Angie wang additional model design: Steven universe comics steven universe comics 1.

Fusions are formed when the participants are emotionally harmonious with each other. I made this tumblr to be available to help others with all sorts of different gemsona. 1 screenshots 2 animations 3 official artwork 3.1 storyboards 3.2 promotional artwork 3.3 model sheets 3.4 backgrounds 3.5 drawings 3.6 other art direction:

Steven universe is a great show, but it started, like so many things do, with a few doodles! Ibispaintxedit dtiys dtiyschallenge drawing drawthisinyourstyle digitalart artchallenge amphibia marcyxanne marcywu draw art drawings myart. Elle michalka lead character design:

Animal art gems art disney cartoons cartoon art world steven universe characters space rock character design fan art. This state can be spontaneous, but it is usually achieved deliberately. Facebook youtube pin interest instagram toggle navigation

I always forget to fix my drawings. Fusion tribute 3 steven universe covers steven universe covers 1 extras steven univere special christmas steven universe gems in the real life (1st season) Diumenge, 20 de desembre de 2015.

(inspired by married to the blob from simpson’s treehouse of horror 18. Ask questions, send in requests, and enjoy! So useful sometimes to try out other creator's methods to better understand how changing tiny details establishes a new style!

Steven universe fusion coquimbite my art pezzottaite aquamarine steven universe. Damn that one took way too long to be finished khkjkkhg. But a fusion between opal and peridot would still be listed as “amethyst + pearl + peridot.”.

In the future i do plan on commissioning someone to do a comic for this and the sequel.(c) of steven universe is own by cartoon network and rebecca sugar.(c) of abet belongs to me. See more ideas about steven universe oc, steven universe, steven. This way, to find them, simply use format “ [gem] + [gem] + [gem] etc.” unless it is a ruby/sapphire fusion without the other, garnet will be used (same with stevonnie).

•°{adopts & commissions open}•° 16 years old/ male/ he (him)/ brazilian/ ace (aro)/ designer/ just a fan of ★s.u★/ favorite characters: Steven and greg riding on the shoulders of alexandrite, the fusion of garnet (and, by extension, ruby and sapphire), amethyst, and pearl. Ageless alien warriors, they project feminine humanoid forms from magical gemstones that are the core of their being.

See more ideas about steven universe fusion, steven universe, steven. Me and my bf l o v e steven universe, so, we both made gemsonas and a fusion for them! Just a cute lil gemsona >w<.

Pearls pearl steven universe su pearl pearl su pink pearl steven universe su pink pearl pink pearl pink pearl su mega pearl su fusion fusion su fusion steven universe my fanart fanart my art my artwork art artwork artist traditonal art traditional. 1.5m ratings 277k ratings see, that’s what the app is perfect for. Welcome to the fusion au, where the steven universe fusions are separate from the people who fuse to become them, if that makes any sense.

Fusion of pyrope and pezzottaite! Steven universe speculative fan fusion list. Purple diamond and dbc/ main human:

Steven sugar, emily walus background paint. Most of my time is taken up with college or drawing/writing. Cartoon network via giphy creator rebecca sugar has now shown off the initial drawings when did when coming up with the idea!

Stevenuniversefanart steven universe future stevenuniverse rickandmorty rickandpearl rick and morty fanart. Oc stevenuniverse gemsona lightbluesapphire stevenuniversefanart stevenuniverseoc. pearl and rick fusion rick and morty steven universe su pearl pearl rick.

Lion, spinel and larimar/ app: Yellow, purple and red/ reblog account: Obsidian, sunstone and rainbow quartz 2.0/ main gemsona:

How to draw corrupted jasper fusion from steven universe step by step, learn drawing by this tutorial for kids and adults. Be sure to check out my regular art account, @lynxthehybrid! My sister and i ever since the show started have created tons of our own characters in many different versions of the su universe.

Drawings of those coming soon! I love watching steven universe.

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